Cap Maison




A half hour drive to a quaint island community takes you to the Northern Area of the island where this adventure commences. Cross a river as you begin a one and a half hour walk along an undulating trail through farmland area as your guide points out the large variety of fruits and vegetables along the way side. This walk covers 3 miles and rises to 300 ft at its highest point. See cashew nuts, varied species of mangoes, citrus, nutmegs, breadfruit, sugarcane, banana fields and much more all growing in profusion. Taste various fruit as they hang in abundance from the trees. See the farmers as they go about their daily chores and if lucky you could see the process of banana harvesting and boxing right before the bananas are shipped out to be sold on the UK market.

Walk past the ruins of a plantation house which was used in bygone days before stopping at a local bar where you will enjoy a refreshing drink, then board the bus which will take you back to your hotel.

An ideal opportunity to walk through the remote countryside and feel the soul of the island. This is classified as a trek and not a hike. Not suitable for physically challenged persons.


Thirty species of Bird life, tropical flowers, a fresh water spring and the vibrant farming community all fuse together in brilliant harmony.

Located in the heartland of the island the community of Millet is a sanctuary and haven for numerous species of birdlife. This is the area where we will venture past a pineapple grove, through a number of communities and the Roseau Dam which holds 700 million gallons of water and supplies the north of the island before coming onto the community of Tete Chemine.

The walk commences along a route lined with tropical fruits, flowers and varied vegetation resplendent in beauty and growing in profusion. Farmers stop by to say hello as they tend to their gardens and go about their daily lives. Stop at the viewing point and marvel at the beauty of the Roseau Dam to the east and Morne Gimie, the highest point on the island and the vast banana plantations of Roseau to the west.

The area is breathtakingly beautiful, cool and refreshing as you listen to the call of the many birds or spot them as they buzz on along the trail. Walk along the banks of a fresh water spring while nutmeg trees, plantains, coffee, cocoa, mango trees and many fruit and flowering trees can be found along the circular route which takes you back to the starting point. This is classified as a trek and not a hike. Not suitable for physically challenged persons.


Travel along the scenic west coast of the island through lush tropical vegetation onto the Fond Gens Libre, “village of the free people” community, to the welcome center. From this point, you are joined by a knowledgeable guide, who will lead you along the trail which winds around the mountain at a gradual gradient becoming steeper as you near the summit of the mountain.

Enjoy panoramic vistas in every direction. See Petit Piton in the distance. The first half of the trail is moderate and can be enjoyed by everyone, while the second half involves a difficult ascent to the summit suitable to the more adventurous hiker. After a strenuous but exhilarating climb, return to the bus for the ride back to your hotel. Comfortable walking shoes are mandatory. This is not an excursion for those with heart ailments, those who are pregnant or are not physically fit. This is a challenging climb up the mountain.

Cap Maison St Lucia