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Why Saint Lucia Honeymoons Beat the Rest

Saint lucia’s white sandy beaches

Photo by Trent Foley

Honeymoon ‘shopping’ can be a rigorous affair with the growing plethora of destinations offered across the globe. So how do you go about deciding which honeymoon is the one you’re looking for? While everyone’s different, one can make a fair guess that if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, you’re seeking somewhere exotic, breathtaking and memorable. Saint Lucia honeymoons are known to be all of the above, and should you decide to go there, you’ll find the island ticks of all your boxes. You and your partner will get to relax and spend quality time together - with the blue Caribbean Sea, sand and warm sun as your constant companions.

Simply Beautiful

There are many reasons Saint Lucia honeymoons are a front runner in the game of honeymoon locations. Part of the Caribbean’s Windward Islands, Saint Lucia is considered to be one of the region’s most laid back and luxurious. This makes it a magnet for eager honeymooners, and holidaymakers anxious to experience the island’s well touted charms. It’s a tourism based economy, so you’ll find everything on the island caters just for you. This aside, honeymooners also choose this island above others because it is simply beautiful -  and the beauty goes beyond its acclaimed white sandy beaches.

Saint Lucia has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, including the Reduit and Jalousie Beaches which offer spectacular opportunities for swimming, strolling along the white sands, scuba diving and snorkelling. But the island’s charms stretch inland past its scenic shores. You’ll find gorgeous waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna, historic sites, and a rich cultural heritage manifested in the cuisine and local traditions. With a complete package like this, it’s no wonder Saint Lucia honeymoons end up being the winning pick so often.

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