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Why Choose St Lucia for honeymoons?

The beausejour cricket stadium in st lucia

Picture by Timothy Barton

St Lucia honeymoons are incredibly special, and the paradise island is the ideal backdrop to your time together.

If you have the means to enjoy a honeymoon in paradise, then the world may well be your oyster, so why should you choose St Lucia honeymoons? While many people will be thinking of the sun, sea and sand, these are things that can be found in many places, but there are a number of factors unique to St Lucia:

  • St Lucia honeymoons are particularly memorable because the island has specialised in      this specific type of holiday and become a world leader over a number of      decades.
  • The island is uniquely positioned to offer a fine blend of both exotic tropical luxury, an area with a fascinating history, and an incredible amount of things to see and do.

The interwoven histories of the many cultures that have occupied the island are reflected most strongly in the food that visitors can enjoy. Many people consider the most delicious to be the intriguing fusion of French and African food. Those on St Lucia honeymoons should make sure that they indulge their taste buds while they relax on this tropical island.

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