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Top Restaurants in Rodney Bay to Try on St Lucia Honeymoons

Elena’s ice cream shop

Photo by missmeng

St Lucia honeymoons offer more than scenic island settings, as honeymooning couples have great opportunities to tantalise their taste buds with a vast range of cuisines available in some of the island’s best restaurants.

Much of these can be found around St Lucia’s Rodney Bay area and they certainly add a savoury twist (taste… eh hem) to all St Lucia honeymoons.

Buzz Seafood and Grill: Rodney Bay – Housed in a building of gorgeous, traditional Creole architecture, at Buzz Seafood and Grill you can dine indoors or outdoors beneath the setting sun. It’s well renowned for high calibre food and an extensive wine list, making it perfect for couples on St Lucia honeymoons. It also features dishes from around the globe and is one of the most respected on the island. Reservations are required.

The Edge: Rodney Bay – Dine in a romantic torch-lit seafront setting, ledged above the gentle waters of the Caribbean Sea. The Edge is pricy but it offers the unique creations of 2003 Caribbean Chef of the Year, Bobo Bergstrom, who showcases his unique ‘Eurobbean’ fusion cuisine. It is ideal for couples on St Lucia honeymoons who want to experience something different and exciting. Top quality food and a gorgeous setting make it one of the hottest spots on the island for honeymooners. Reservations are recommended.

Café Ole: Rodney Bay Marina – Fear not if you’re looking for something less pricy yet with great quality. The Café Ole is where you go to savour the cooling tastes and textures of Italian-styled ice cream in Caribbean flavours. An outlet of Elena’s Ice Cream, Café Ole stands on a wooden deck overlooking the beautiful harbour. Among other exotic flavours you can get Cointreau-orange, soursop, mango and coconut.

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