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The Wild Side of Saint Lucia Honeymoons

A st lucia aloe forest

Photo by LisaRoxy

If you’re booking Saint Lucia honeymoons looking for the stereotypical ‘Caribbean’ experience, you’ll be amazed to find that not only does the island offer sun, sand and sea, but there is a huge amount more to do while in this tropical paradise. The residents of the island pride themselves on the sheer wealth of options available. Those looking to get back to nature, as well as those looking for some high-adrenaline adventures, will find plenty to satisfy their appetites while on the island. The best thing about Saint Lucia honeymoons is that you can pick and choose your activities – getting the pulse running one day and immersing yourself in the local wildlife the next.

The Island Paradise

Those arriving in Castries for Saint Lucia honeymoons will almost certainly be seduced by the myriad ways in which you can experience the natural world; including chances to go snorkelling, exploring an active volcano, or taking a hike through the island’s incredible lush forests. For a truly unique experience, why not take to the skies and enjoy the forest canopy in a gondola-style tram?

Getting the Heart Racing

If you want to explore the forests from a different perspective, there are plenty of opportunities. As long as you’re sporting a pair of closed-toe shoes, you can walk through the forests and take a closer look at the flora and fauna. If you want to up the pace, then there are zip-lines available.

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