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St Lucia's Relaxation Spots

When you arrive in St Lucia for a wedding, it can be very easy to be tempted away from the ceremony (if you’re a visitor) or the planning (if you’re a bride or groom to be!) with all of St Lucia’s island delights. Even if a St Lucia wedding is weighing heavily on your mind, it’s usually a good idea to schedule at least a little downtime while you can - there’s nowhere better to lie back and relax than St Lucia. Here are two top ideas for seeing the sights of the island:

St lucia relaxation
Photo by Loimere

Marigot Bay

The hills you’ll see on St Lucia make for an incredibly picturesque landscape, and lend a truly romantic atmosphere to a St Lucia wedding held outdoors in the Caribbean sunshine! The view of Marigot Bay from the hills nearby is said to be the most beautiful place in the Caribbean, and if you can visit during sunrise or sunset, you’ll be able to see why! Marigot Bay has even made it to Hollywood, most notably featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Sulphur Springs

If you want to look your best for a St Lucia wedding, relaxing in the sulphur springs can help you look radiant on the day! Take a dip in the pools, and you’ll quickly get used to the smell of sulphur after a few minutes. Although the pools can be hot at first, after a few minutes your body can acclimatise to the temperature. The real secret of the pools is the mud at the bottom – it’s full of minerals, and the tiny gravel grains act as a natural exfoliant when rubbed on the skin. After a shower in the evening, you’ll feel fresh and smooth-skinned for days.

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