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St Lucian Creole for Couples

Visitors to Cap Maison are always charmed by the friendly, welcoming culture of the island; it has a wonderfully communal and supportive atmosphere for a wedding. Nothing is too much effort on St Lucia, and couples planning their weddings are often pleasantly surprised! One of St Lucia’s proudly upheld cultural features is the Creole language. Although the official language of the island is English, and English-speaking couples will have no problem, efforts are made to conserve the language as a part of St Lucia’s unique and vibrant culture. Learning a little St Lucian Creole can be a wonderful way to get to know the island and the culture in the period before and after your wedding in St Lucia. Here is just a sample taste:

Bonjou! - Good morning!

Kommau ou ye? - How are you?

Sa ca fete? - What is happening?

Merci boku! - Thank you very much.

Ki kote au ca aller? - Where are you going?

Ki kote yo ka vann wonm ki fet Sent Lisi? - Where can I buy some local rum?

There are plenty of phrases to learn, and local St Lucians will be more than happy to give interested couples a few pointers when it comes to saying ‘Come to our wedding’ in St Lucian Creole!

St lucia sunset

Photo by Loimere

As with anywhere in the world, learning a little of the local language can definitely add to your enjoyment and experience of St Lucia. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll even end up saying ‘I do’ in authentic St Lucian Creole!

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