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St Lucia: the Essential Facts

The rainforest of st lucia

                                                                                                Picture by David Lytle

Those heading off on St Lucia honeymoons might be interested in the following facts:

  • First discovered by the Spanish (which must have been a shock to the native Carib population who were already there), the French were the first to really make themselves at home when it comes to European nations.
  • During the constant state of colonial conflict the islands changed hands numerous times, becoming permanently British in the early 19th century. Independence was finally achieved in 1979.
  • The Caribs suffered tremendous hardships in the face of both European oppression and disease. Because of the resulting population decline, the European powers transported large amounts of Africans over to work, and their descendents make up the majority of the population found in the islands today.
  • Have you been searching the world for a drive-in volcano? If so, St Lucia honeymoons give you the perfect opportunity to discover the one found at Soufriere.
  • If you’re looking for a tropical island, you’ll also be heading to the right place. Those on St Lucia honeymoons will no doubt be enchanted by the large protected rainforest that inhabits the interior of the island. There are plenty of opportunities to head into the jungle and get activity in the rainforest.
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