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St Lucia Luxury Car Rentals

Those heading off on St Lucia honeymoons will want to make as much as they can of the opportunity to explore the island paradise. While your hotel may have a preferred car rental provider, there are plenty of companies on the island offering luxury rental with a wide range of vehicles to suit all budgets.

rental car
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Adventure Leisure Car Rentals:, 1-758-452-0777
Adventure Leisure is an executive car rental company with over 10 years’ worth of experience. The company is 100% St Lucian investor-owned and approved, and is patronised by a loyal customer base.  They are staffed by experienced friendly staff, who assist visitors with picking the right vehicle. For those who don’t want to drive themselves around the island, Adventure Leisure offer a private driver service, removing the need for visitors to fill in the paperwork required in order to obtain the driver’s permit.

Cool Breeze Jeep and Car Rentals:, 1-758-459-7729
Cool Breeze Car Rental are based in Soufriere. Their website sets out their rates and range clearly for visitors to browse before heading off on St Lucia honeymoons. The range covers a variety of models from smaller and cheaper Suzuki ALTOs and Swifts, larger cars such as Dodge Calibers and Misubishi Lancers, up to a range of 4 x 4s from the compact Suzuki Vitaras to large minivans including Chrysler Grand Voyagers and Mitsubishi Monteros.

St Lucia Luxury Cars:, 1-758-450-4192
Based in Rodney Bay, St Lucia Luxury Cars also offer an extensive range of vehicles including cars, small jeeps, SUVs and luxury SUVs, allowing those on St Lucia honeymoons to travel as they please across the island. St Lucia Luxury Cars offer discounts on long term rentals, all cars are leased with a full tank of petrol/diesel and can be arranged to be returned empty.  Airport pick-ups and drop-offs are also offered by the company from George F.L. Charles Airport.

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