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St Lucia Honeymoons - The Discovery of a Romantic Island

St lucia honeymoons

What do St Lucia honeymoons offer? The traditional answers major on things such as beaches, weather, idyllic and romantic scenery, plus the sheer romanticism of the island.Let’s be clear – all these things are perfectly valid.  This is a beautiful island in all of the above respects and then more so.

Yet St Lucia honeymoons are special for a number of other reasons, some of which are hard to define. For a start, the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming to visitors to their island. They add to a joy-of-life atmosphere that permeates much of the very essence of this place. Then there is the sheer tropical magic of St Lucia, with its exotic flora and fauna and a variety of experiences that are hard to match elsewhere.

Finally, there is the incredible cultural mélange than has resulted in a unique society with heavy French, British and African influences. This is more than just a question of place names and language; it’s about a world view that is somehow perfectly in keeping with the island’s ambiance.

Your honeymoon is something that you hope will be a unique experience and set the standard for the rest of your married life. St Lucia honeymoons may be particularly well positioned to help you achieve exactly that.
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