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St. Lucia: Day 3 - My Honeymoon Resort

The following is a post written by - Lindsey Epperly, on her website - to find out more about her read the full article.

“You should know this about me: I have never, ever been that ready-to-get-married-girl. You know those types: the one who has had her wedding planned from age eleven and a half, she knows everything except for the groom staring back at her. Not me.  I am not that girl.

I’ve recently been the girl who has her dream kitchen planned a solid three years before it’s a possibility.  I want an elegant, fully functioning, double-oven masterpiece that would make Martha Stewart jealous – complete with the expensive, colored pans from Williams-Sonoma.

Anyway, today I became the girl who took a step toward planning her dream wedding: I mapped out my dream honeymoon.  The resort of choice?

Cap Maison.

This place is perfect – I cannot describe to you a single thing wrong with it.  And, as a picky person (as many will quickly agree about me), that’s a high rating.

Everything. Was. Perfect. ...”

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