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St Lucia - A Honeymoon With History

St lucia, an historic island

Whenever one hears talk of St Lucia honeymoons, inevitably mental images arise of its incomparable romantic attractions. Yet this romantic island wasn’t always a haven of tranquillity, and if you like history, you’ll find plenty to explore on St Lucia.

Quite of a bit of this reflects the bitter struggle, over centuries, between Britain and France for control of the island. Fortifications and battle sites abound and many are now major tourist attractions.  It’s sometimes worth wondering quite what the original occupants might have made of that thought as they prepared for battle!

The island eventually became permanently British (until independence) but the French legacy    and influence is still strong and affects the local language and cuisine. When speaking of history, it’s also all too easy to see that in terms of great generals, leaders and battles, and to forget that African slaves also played a huge part in making the island what it is today. This appalling ‘trade’ originally was driven by the need for cheap labour in the plantations and you can still see traces of that today on the tours of some plantations (some of which are still fully working and going concerns).

On St Lucia honeymoons you might be tempted to spend a lot of your time enjoying the beauty of the beaches and seas of this enchanting place but, if you do make the effort, there’s a fascinating history to discover too.

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