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Seeing Soufriere Volcano on Saint Lucia Honeymoons

The crater of soufriere volcano
Photo by D G Brown

For those lucky enough to go on Saint Lucia honeymoons, visiting the world’s only drive through volcano is sure to add more than a modicum of adventure to your romantic holiday!

The island has many thrilling things on offer for those on Saint Lucia honeymoons who are looking for a little something out of the ordinary. Aside from the glorious stretches of sandy beaches with turquoise waters, and the exotic gastronomy scene, the island also has the well loved Soufriere volcano. It’s not only unique in its geology and history, it’s can also lay claim to being world’s only drive through volcano. Just in case you’re wondering how, the road leads right up to and through its crater!

Soufriere is Safe

Fear not that you may not make it back alive from your Saint Lucia honeymoons! Soufriere volcano hasn’t gone off since a minor eruption in the 18th century. Don’t get confused with its active counterpart on the island – Montserrat - there is nothing unsafe about Saint Lucia’s Soufriere. Though it’s been dormant for years, you will however see signs of volcanic activity from its crater, with boiling mud and steam emerging from it.

Soufriere’s a Sight to Behold

There are no words to do it justice. Your first vision of Soufriere volcano will be a spectacular combination of colours at its surface, formed by a mixture of sulphur, copper oxide, iron, and magnesium. You’ll also notice various vents from which steaming water rises, creating another beautiful sight.

Soufriere’s Soothing Therapy

The waters of Soufriere volcano are said to have therapeutic and healing properties. Some couples on Saint Lucia honeymoons may want to take a dip in the soothing waters, also known as the ‘sulphur springs’ locally. It’s said to be quite beneficial for people with skin conditions, but it also provides undeniable therapy for those wanting to unwind after the stress of a wedding.

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