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Romantic Saint Lucia Honeymoons

The sun setting on saint lucia’s wetlands

Photo by eutrophication&hypoxia

When it comes to honeymoons, the one thing everyone wants is for theirs to be romantic. Think of romance and it conjures many different things in your mind’s eye: holding hands while watching the sunset over the horizon; sharing a kiss on a white sandy shore; or gazing into your love’s eyes under the starry Caribbean sky. Whatever images your honeymoon fantasies summon, you obviously want them to come true! It is everyone’s hope that in the future they can they can reminisce on this time knowing it couldn’t have been any more perfect, and yes, romantic. Saint Lucia honeymoons can bring these dreams alive, for those hopeless romantics just itching to get that important moment in life right.[more]

Why Saint Lucia Honeymoons?

Saint Lucia is blessed with natural beauty that spans its dreamy coastlines to its equally stunning interior. It has many enticing beaches with warm, sparkling waters and secluded sandy coves. Pigeon Island, Marigot Bay, and Anse Cochon are just three of the well loved beaches where couples can swim amid a fantasy-like setting. On the south of the island, some of the beaches are accessible only by boat, adding to the exotic feel that envelops the entire island.

You may have to be dragged away from these gorgeous beaches, but hard as it might be, you won’t regret exploring the island’s interior on your Saint Lucia honeymoons. For a tiny island, it offers a variety of stunning scenery. At Soufriere for instance, you’ll encounter the world’s only drive though volcano – yes, you read right! Then there’s the Millet Bird Sanctuary where you can scope out some of the island’s exotic birdlife, while walking teh peaceful trails. Balenbouche Estate will offer you a chance to explore the island’s colonial history, with its plantation and 18th century sugar mill. Variety is the spice of life they say, and on Saint Lucia honeymoons you’ll discover ultimate romance in the many wonderful things to do after your wedding ceremony.

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