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Romantic Dates on Saint Lucia

Ziplining in the Saint Lucia Rain Forest

OK so perhaps zip-lining in the Saint Lucia rain forest doesn’t always spring to mind when thinking of romance in Saint Lucia, but at the end of the day, romance can be different things to different people. It could be that since you are staying in possibly Saint Lucia’s best luxury boutique hotel, you might just think – you know what,  we’ll have the best champagne, a delicious meal at the “Cliff at Cap”, (candlelit naturally) and that’s that for the ultimate in romantic ideas, but romance is also about doing stuff together as well. The rainforest opens up all kinds of exciting and interesting things to share.

The most Romantic Island in the World 

Just think if you have never done this before, you are going to be learning something new together on the most romantic island in the world. It will be a highlight of the holiday, create memories to keep together and to share with friends and family when you get home and best of all, in a few years time, you’ll definitely be able to remember that holiday you had together in Saint Lucia.

Where in the Saint Lucia RainForest ?

There are two highly professional venues on the island, one in the central part of the island and one that’s  located towards the East Coast fairly close to the town of Dennery. When you arrive at the venue, the well - trained staff take you in hand and kit you both out with ropes, tackle and various shackles and hooks. Once done and after a briefing, the forest team take you to a start platform for your first zip.

Cap Maison's Zipline Tip for Couples in Love

Here’s a quick tip. Decide that he will go first, to show how brave he is and then he can wait on the other side of the run to grab the love of his life after a death defying zip! It’s almost guaranteed to get nice cuddles and hugs.

There’s normally 11/12 zips, each one going from one tree platform to another and getting longer and longer until towards the end you are actually able to look down on the forest from the tree tops. It is amazing and well worth the trip.

You can then ride home to one of the most comfortable of all Caribbean boutique hotels and have the candlelit dinner you thought about earlier anyway; with a well chosen bottle of fizz to celebrate and remember the day.









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