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Pigeon Island: Hot Honeymoon Destination!

The coastline of saint lucia

Photo by Loimere

When you’re taking in Saint Lucia’s stunning beaches and crystal-clear oceans, it’s easy to forget that there’s much, much more to this island paradise than the seafront! One great way for couples to spend time together is by exploring the island’s attractions on Saint Lucia honeymoons, such as Pigeon Island National Park. Located just off the northern coast, joined by a causeway to Saint Lucia, the park is 44 acres of lush wilderness to get lost in – and it’s open all year, so no matter when you plan that perfect honeymoon, the park will be waiting.[more]

Fort Rodney

One of the major attractions to history buffs on Saint Lucia honeymoons is Fort Rodney, built on the smaller of the two peaks of Pigeon Island National Park. A remnant of Admiral George Rodney’s command over the military forces on the island in the 18th century, it makes for an impressive sight as you wander the island paths, and is an absorbing place to delve into.


Couples who plan ahead for their Saint Lucia honeymoons might be interested in heading to Pigeon Island for the annual Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. Although there are events and performances all over the island, the place to be is Pigeon Island for the best shows! The festival attracts the best acts from all over the globe, so it’s well worth thinking about a visit if you want a little jazz and romance to spice up your Caribbean honeymoon.

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