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Obtaining A St Lucia Marriage Certificate

There are many great reasons for choosing St Lucia as your wedding venue. The Caribbean island nation is the epitome of a tropical paradise, and is guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable wedding experience. As with any other country, St Lucia has its own distinct legal system, and there are several important steps to obtaining a St Lucia marriage certificate for foreign citizens wanting to wed on the island.

Those getting married in St Lucia will need to present original copies of the following documents before they are eligible for a St Lucia marriage certificate; any documents need to be translated into English if they are in another language:

  • Passports;
  • Birth certificates;
  • Adoption certificates if applicable;
  • If either of the couple is divorced, then a Divorce Certificate/Decree Absolute needs to be shown;
  • If either is a widow/widower, then a death certificate will need to be shown, as well as a copy of the previous marriage certificate;
  • If either of the participants has changed their name, then the Deed Poll document must be shown;
  • In accordance with local law, if either of the couple is under 18, then a parental consent must be provided in the form of a sworn affidavit.


There is no strict residency requirement on the island before the marriage, though the processing of the paperwork can take some time. In order to be married on the island, an application has to be made to the Attorney General by a local solicitor. The Attorney General can issue a marriage licence after a two day residency period by the couple who wish to wed, once this has happened they will be eligible for a St Lucia marriage certificate. The application generally takes two working days to complete.


As with all kinds of civic administration, there are a number of fees that those getting married on the island will be required to pay:

  • If the couple have been residing on the island for seven or more days before marriage, the notary fees and marriage licence fees will be EC$ 335.00. If either or both of the couple have lived on the island for less than seven days before the date of the marriage, then the fee will be higher, at around EC$ 540.00;
  • Registrar fees are EC$ 100.00;
  • The St Lucia marriage certificate will cost EC$ 8.00.

It is possible to get married within five days of arriving to the island if all procedures are followed. Preparation is key, so make sure that you telephone ahead and plan each step in advance.

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