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No Better Place to Be

Cap Maison Roof Terrace
Cap Maison Roof Terrace

Thereís no island in the Caribbean more interesting, and relaxing than St. Lucia and the perfect place to accommodate couples while discovering this for themselves is Cap Maison.

Cap Maison is a secret romantic type hacienda situated on a hill with a picturesque view of the Caribbean Sea. This wedding and honeymoon resort has all the elements necessary to make your getaway a truly romantic one. 

You can enjoy diners in the most exotic settings; spa treatments that will chip away at all the built up stress youíve accumulated over the years and leave you feeling like youíve been given a new lease on life to enjoy the best that Cap Maison has to offer. 

Many a suite has its own roof terrace and private pool; from there you can enjoy amazing views of the sun setting every evening, over a glass of wine or champagne from Cap Maisonís great selection. Couples could lie under the stars and moon each nippy night embraced in the arms of each other after diner, and allow their thoughts to wonder freely.

A secluded beach can be found adjacent to this romantic wedding and honeymoon resort. A prime location for fun, leisurely strolls on evenings or excellent tanning during the day.

Your holiday will soon feel like a fantastic fantasy come true. With so much love in the air, there no better place you would rather be than enjoying a romantic getaway with your companion at the luxurious resort of Cap Maison.

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