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Local Cuisine You Can't Forego on Saint Lucia Honeymoons

Callaloo soup

Photo by missmeng


The biggest expression of Saint Lucia’s cultural heritage is its cuisine. The island’s rich history has left behind a colourful gastronomy influenced by French, Creole and West Indian flavours. Saint Lucia honeymoons can never get dull when couples incorporate this exciting element of the island’s culture into their adventures. The island’s fertile soil provides a bountiful supply of fresh produce, which Saint Lucians use a lot of in local dishes. Here are a few of the favourites to sample on Saint Lucia honeymoons.

The National Dish

Saint Lucia is one of the Caribbean’s biggest exporters of bananas, so it’s no surprise that these form part of the island’s national dish – Green Figs and Saltfish. In case you weren’t aware, in the Caribbean bananas are commonly called figs. These are boiled and served with fried saltfish. The pungent flavours of the saltfish may not appeal to all couples on Saint Lucia Honeymoons, but there’s a variant of the dish which might. The pie is made by crushing boiled green bananas and spreading it into a lined baking dish. A layer of boiled, shredded saltfish tops the bananas, followed by a layer of tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, cheese and black pepper. The layers are repeated before milk and breadcrumbs are sprinkled on top.

Callaloo Soup

This creamy spinach soup is made with the leaves of the dasheen – a root vegetable. In Saint Lucia, the leaves are called Callaloo, hence Callaloo Soup. The dasheen leaves are cooked with seasoned meat, potatoes, garlic, onions, peppers, various spices and coconut milk.

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