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Living the Dream on Saint Lucia Honeymoons

A view of saint lucia’s majestic pitons.

Photo by Loimere

If there’s one time in your life when it’s possible to live the romantic dream by indulging yourself and your new partner, it’s a honeymoon – and Saint Lucia honeymoons are one of the best ways to enjoy a tropical island paradise to your heart’s content. There’s much more to do than simply lie around on a beach - although if that appeals you’ll find nowhere better! Whether you’re interested in a quiet, luxurious retreat, or a bustling social vibe, Saint Lucia has it all. In order to start living the dream, why not try out a few suggestions to make your stay unforgettable?

Sulphur Springs Volcano

If you want to see a semi-dormant volcano where you can actually drive through the crater and walk alongside bubbling, sulphurous mud, then Saint Lucia honeymoons are definitely the experience for you. It’s definitely a natural wonder, and in the general area of Soufriere, you can also find the Pitons – two huge volcanic formations that are now a UNESCO world heritage site, surrounded by a beautiful valley and rainforest trails.

Fort Charlotte

If you’re interested in learning a little bit about the history of the island, there are plenty of sites you can explore on Saint Lucia honeymoons that make for a fantastically atmospheric afternoon. One of the best known sites is Fort Charlotte, built in the 18th century by the French, which passed into British possession in the early 19th century. Today, the fort includes a tourism centre where the ancient battlements can be explored to your heart’s content, with some stunning views out over the town and bay of Castries.

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