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Guest Chef Series 2012 - Chef Dylan McGrath

Dylan McGrath – Rustic Stone

24th & 25th February 2012

Chef dylan mcgrath

On Aug 24th 2010, Dylan McGrath, one of the most exciting and talked about chefs in Ireland, opened his new restaurant “Rustic Stone”. Dylan’s previous restaurant, Mint, was hailed as one of the most exciting places to eat in the country. It received many accolades, among them; a Michelin star, Food and Wine best chef and best wine list, hotel and a catering gold award for excellence. It was the only restaurant, besides Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, to receive 2 stars in Georgina Campbell’s guide.

Dylan has been working extremely hard over the last few months with his new team creating an original concept that maintains his own distinctive innovative style and creativity, but at a price that is affordable and accessible to everyone. “At Rustic Stone our philosophy is simple”, said Dylan, “we source the best seasonal ingredients available, apply simple techniques to extract the best flavour and at the same time we give the customer the information they require to add nutrition and structure to their diet”.Rustic Stone is a new casual dining, contemporary restaurant which delivers on the flavours Dylan is so passionate about but without the formality he previously would have been associated with. “My new “rustic” idea adds some real nutritional goodness to everyday dining”, said Dylan, ” In today’s health conscience society so many of us try to be careful with what we eat which sparked the initiative in me to try to create a fresh, new menu which combines amazing flavours with nutritious food”, he said.

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