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Go Wild on St Lucia Honeymoons

A green parrot smiling for the camera

Photo by hyku

You might spot an animal or two while travelling the island on your Saint Lucia honeymoons – but what many couples don’t realise is that the animals you might catch a glimpse of can be powerful symbols of a new marriage.

St Lucia’s green iguana grows up to six feet long and has a particularly distinctive colour, from which it gets its name. Go exploring the forests, though, and you’ll see the smaller Zandoli lizards. They’re an interesting sight particularly during their mating display, which involves a lot of head bobbing and what look like push-ups - like little reptilian boxers!

The lizards aren’t all the wildlife you’ll be able to spot on your Saint Lucia honeymoons.
The St Lucian parrot is the country’s national bird, and is known locally as the ‘jacquot’. There may have been as many as a million of the parrots at one point – a pretty extreme number for an island. Romantic couples on Saint Lucia honeymoons can adopt the parrot as their unofficial emblem - a glimpse of them is considered good luck. The parrots are known to mate for life and travel in small family groups of twos and threes. Hopefully, an encounter with one of these colourful birds might be a sign of good things to come!

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