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Go for a Dive in St Lucia

A pair of striped tropical fish.

Picture by Laszlo-photo

While there are plenty of pleasures to be found on dry land during your St Lucia honeymoons, adventurous couples might find even more beautiful sights waiting for them just offshore. St Lucia is fortunate to enjoy a spectacular oceanscape surrounding it below the waves, with all the colour and life in the Caribbean to be found amongst its coral reefs. Why not try out SCUBA-diving while you’re in such an idyllic location? No matter the level of your experience, from seasoned divers to absolute beginners, diving can be a wonderful activity to enjoy during your St Lucia honeymoons– it brings couples together and gives them a lot to talk about as they practice and learn, and plenty to discuss after the day’s diving over a romantic seafood dinner!

If SCUBA-diving isn’t quite to your taste, there are still plenty of wonderful ways that you can get out on the ocean. A romantic cruise on a yacht can be a beautiful activity to undertake on St Lucia honeymoons, letting couples really revel in a sense of togetherness far away from land. Whether above or below the waves, the ocean surrounding St Lucia makes for a scenic honeymoon destination that offers newlyweds and couples a unique experience as well.

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