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Go Dancing on St Lucia Honeymoons

On your St Lucia honeymoons, you might be lucky enough to come across a dance known as the quadrille, or kwadril. It’s a fascinating glimpse into St Lucia’s history and culture, and couples who delve into the island’s world of dance find a lot to discover. Calypso and salsa are very popular but the quadrille occupies a unique place in St Lucia’s culture, and it can be amazing to watch for couples on their honeymoon – and perhaps join in.

St lucian quadrille
Photo by Ken_Mayer

Quadrille is different to many other St Lucian dances, in that whereas others have plenty of room for freewheeling improvisation and flamboyant interpretations (all of which are a joy to watch and even try on your St Lucia honeymoons), the quadrille must be carefully learned and memorised, lending it a courtly, elegant air. It originated in France during the 17th century, after military parades in which four horsemen and their mounts made square-shaped formations. The performances of these drills became popular enough for people to recreate the movements in dances without horses, and over the years, quadrille became a lively dance with four couples arranged in the shape of a square.

Over the years, the dance became widespread, and the French brought it to St Lucia. It remains a curious artefact of the colonial French ownership of the island, and an intriguing performance to watch on your St Lucia honeymoons, among the island’s other Caribbean styles of dance.

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