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Getting Tasty on St Lucia Honeymoons

Get comfortable in st lucia

St Lucia honeymoons don’t have to be entirely based around the beach. It’s also possible to think about them as a perhaps unique opportunity to experience Creole cuisine – one of the great delights of the culinary world.

Food on the island is based, of course, heavily upon local produce coupled with the traditions inherited from Africa, France and to some extent, the UK and other ex-territories of the old British Empire. This means that things such as fruit feature heavily in many dishes, including things such as breadfruit, bananas and coconut milk being combined with meat and fish – something that may be new to you if you mainly have experience of European or North American cuisines.

The richness of the seas surrounding St Lucia also mean that fish play a large part in the local diet – though there are also ample modern vegetarian variations of many classic dishes if your tastes don’t run to meat or fish. You may also be surprised to know that, contrary to what you may have heard, St Lucian cuisine is not all about hot spicy food (though you can get some really spicy versions of dishes such as Jerk Chicken if you like).  In fact, local chefs take pride in making their dishes and sauces unique and subtle. They’ll also often be pleased to adjust things to suit individual tastes.

So, whether it’s Green Fig and Saltfish Pie or Banana Chicken, St Lucia honeymoons will give you the chance to expand your culinary horizons!

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