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Fun Activities for Saint Lucia Honeymoons

Pigeon island from smuggler's cove

Photo by TPMpix

Many loved-up couples settle on Saint Lucia honeymoons because of the sun-drenched beaches and the crisp, sparkling sea; it’s the perfect atmosphere to soak up their love for each other. Yet, the picturesque island has considerably more to offer than these particular vistas. Admittedly, there may be few sights as beautiful and heart-throbbing in the world as watching the sea drift off into the horizon as if it were an infinite waterway, but, if you venture away from these beaches, a host of other delights lie in wait.[more]

Pigeon Island National Park is well worth a visit. Situated just off the north coast of Saint Lucia, the national park, which opened in 1979, is 44 acres in size. Apart from the luscious scenery, there is also a restaurant on the island – a perfect opportunity for lovers to enjoy a romantic meal on their Saint Lucia honeymoons. Perhaps the main attraction, however, is the island’s historic Fort Rodney, which was built in the 18th century by Admiral George Rodney. Also on this island, in various small clusters, are barracks and a mess hall which were erected during British rule. These are equally as fascinating for those interested in sampling a flavour of Saint Lucia’s history. What’s more, by taking a trip to Pigeon Island’s Interpretation Centre, those on Saint Lucia honeymoons will be able to discover a more textured and interesting history of the island, as well as its history in the context of the Caribbean Sea.

Secondly, for those wanting even more active Saint Lucia honeymoons, the island offers a fantastic zip-lining course. Situated at Treetop Canopy Adventure Park, this 12-platform course lets you see the island like you would never normally see it – from the giddy heights of the island’s tall trees! A word of warning, however, this one is for the fearless only.

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