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Four Fantastic Sights for St Lucia Honeymoons

A st lucia beach

Photo by jimg944

St Lucia Honeymoons mean beginning your new life together in a beautiful island paradise. One of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, the island offers perfect beaches and a chilled out atmosphere – what more could a newly-married couple want?

1.   Pigeon Island: A designated national park, Pigeon Island is the perfect place to spend some proper down time while on the island. Take time to wander the trails and visit Fort Rodney. There are a number of beautiful beaches for couples to enjoy while on their St Lucia honeymoons.

2.   Mamiku Gardens: This is a beautiful botanic garden on the east of St Lucia, and another ideal place to unwind and relax. Mamiku Gardens is home to an incredibly diverse range of plants and trees, perfect for honeymooners with an interest in botany. There are few places as well set up for romantic strolls on the island as these stunning gardens.

3.   The Pitons: Consisting of Gros Piton and Petit Piton (771m and 743m). If you’ve got some energy left during your St Lucia honeymoons, why not climb the Pitons? An important local tip is that, although higher, Gros Piton is actually the easiest to climb.

4.   Sulphur Springs Park: Another of the top attractions on the island. The yellow-coloured rocks and pools of steaming water let visitors know that they are wandering into the mouth of a volcano. It’s certainly something a little different to add to your honeymoon album photos!

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