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Excursions from Castries for Honeymoons in St Lucia

View overlooking castries harbour

Photo by kcculler

Those on honeymoons in St Lucia based in Castries will probably have plenty of ideas about how to spend their time, but the many attractions of this stunning Caribbean island are well worth exploring - you’ve come a long way to be here after all.

Go on Tour

When on honeymoons in St Lucia, there are plenty of options when it comes to getting around the island. One of the best is the leisurely bus tour that plots a course over the stunning landscape that makes up the interior of the island. The narrow roads and hairpin bends add to the charm of the trip, giving you access to incredible vistas and jaw-dropping views. The view of the island from the sea can be just as stunning – catamaran trips head out along the coast from Soufriere.

Back On Dry Land

Clearly, on honeymoons in St Lucia, you’ll really want to spend as much time together as possible – and it probably won’t matter what you’re doing. But more adventurous couples might want to look into ways to cover as much of the island as they can during their stay, or try out something new, such as sailing or scuba-diving - both great activities for couples.  On the other hand, you might also just want to soak up the brilliant atmosphere of this gorgeous Caribbean island by wandering along a deserted beach with your loved one – it’s entirely up to you!.

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