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Enjoying the Lively Music Scene on Saint Lucia Honeymoons


Photo by Donnieray Jones

Couples honeymooning in Saint Lucia will find that there is no shortage of good music on this small island, where dancing and merrymaking are popular pastimes no matter where you go!

Whether it’s calypso and soca from Trinidad and Barbados, sala and meringue from Cuba or the Dominican Republic or zouk from Martinique, in Saint Lucia you’ll find the perfect mix of music to immerse yourself in the diverse rhythms of the Caribbean.

When it comes to Saint Lucia honeymoons, there’s a song and beat for every couple.

St Lucia’s Style

In Saint Lucia’s traditional music, the sounds of shak shak bands are prominent along with their stringed instruments and boom box basses.

However, you’ll also hear the unique sounds of the steel bands rehearsing on streets or performing at hotels and official occasions around the island.

Though they originate from Trinidad and Tobago, the pulsating sounds of steel bands are commonly heard during Saint Lucia honeymoons.

Saint Lucia also embraces non-Caribbean music genres, so don’t be too surprised if you hear the sounds of Country and Western music in the rural villages along the coasts.

Jazz Festival

Saint Lucia’s Jazz Festival is the island’s most highly anticipated annual, music event. It usually takes places in May and gives a somewhat broad interpretation of jazz so you are likely to see an artist who you might not necessarily deem a classical jazz performer. This means there’s usually something for every eager attendee.

During the acclaimed festival shows are held at venues all across the island and typically feature an international line up of world class R & B, jazz and blues stars. Past featured artists included Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo, Angie Stone, Carl Allen and Dionne Warwick.

With such impressive line ups, no wonder so many Saint Lucia honeymoons are planned to coincide with this amazing event!

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