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Celebrity St Lucia

The pitons of st lucia

Picture by W W

St Lucia honeymoons and romantic retreats have always been popular – but they’re in the public eye again lately, as more than a few celebrities have been spotted arranging a visit to the beautiful island. One recent example that has garnered a lot of media attention is a romantic getaway for two of Hollywood’s flashiest celebrities – Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

As you might expect, the price tag has been endlessly discussed – and it’s a little steeper than many St Lucia honeymoons at £30,000! The rapper has reportedly organised perks like a private bungalow, a five-person security team, and romantic seafood dishes prepared by one of the island’s top chefs. With the exception of the five-man security team, you can find plenty of similar perks on any visit to St Lucia, honeymoons or not!

No matter whether or not you’re a celebrity, St Lucia is a beautiful place, with plenty of luxuries on hand amongst the island’s beautiful natural beaches. It’s enough to have you feeling like a celebrity yourself after a little while spent relaxing and taking in the sights and sounds of St Lucia, both on the beaches and in the friendly towns.

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