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All-Natural St Lucia Honeymoons

A path leading through a st lucia park

Photo by Loimere

On St Lucia honeymoons there’s a lot to do on this adventurous island quite apart from romantic candle lit dinners and scenic beach strolls. Take the opportunity to explore the island’s historic past and cultural traditions, appreciate nature, culture or history – or just relax and take it easy! Spectacular St Lucia has plenty to offer to those visiting its shores on honeymoons all year round.


Latille Waterfall and Gardens

Located just off the east coast, at the entrance of the island’s rainforest, Latille Waterfall and Gardens offers a peaceful atmosphere surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers in bloom. The 20-foot waterfall cascades into a deep pool which visitors can bathe in before setting off to explore the scenic twists and turns of the garden. The captivating gardens are sure to add an air of romance to your St Lucia honeymoons.

Fond d’Or Park

Fond D’Or Park is where you should head next while on St Lucia honeymoons, for an incredible experience and an education across many subjects. Steeped in history and mythology, the park sits in Mabouya Valley, the largest on the east coast. Ideal for archaeological enthusiasts, the park is filled with historic remnants of Amerindian settlements and colonial sugar plantation buildings. It’s also a paradise for nature lovers, with its breathtaking mangroves, hiking trails, estuarine forest and expansive white sand beach.

Fond Latisab Park

Head past the quaint community of Babonneau to Fond Latisab Park, where you can delve deep into the roots of St Lucia’s cultural practices by exploring the traditions of the indigenous tribes. Learn the traditional method of catching crayfish in the nearby river, experience making cassava bread in the ancient manner, and cooking in macamboo leaves, all done to the lively, intoxicating sounds of chak chak bands. It’s a wonderful way to spend time on St Lucia honeymoons - enjoying yourself with your partner in St Lucia’s lush island paradise.

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