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A Brief History of Saint Lucia

The sea off the coast of saint lucia
Photo by Loimere

On Saint Lucia, honeymoons have become an established part of local industry, with the island consistently considered amongst the very best destinations on the planet. If you’re among the lucky couples heading off to the island, then you might be interested in its history:

The early history is difficult to trace, but we know that the island was inhabited by the local Carib people. When the Spaniards arrived and ‘discovered’ the island they must have found a very unfamiliar and exotic environment in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The latter part of the island’s history has been influenced by the French and the British, both of whom had a significant impact upon the society of Saint Lucia. Honeymoons on the island will give you the chance to play ‘guess the language of the place name.’ This European interest was largely commercial, with the colonial powers looking to exploit the sugar cane that was harvested on the island. With the European powers in an almost constant state of war or sabre-rattling, the islands shifted hands many times.

After the Napoleonic Wars, Britain was granted possession of Saint Lucia. Honeymoons to the island will give you a great opportunity to explore this mix of cultures: The French legacy continues in some of the cuisine and many of the words used in the local patois; while the British influence is expressed in the system of government, the legal system and the local love of cricket.

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