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3 Places to Visit on Honeymoons in St Lucia

Although couples staying at Cap Maison will enjoy a beautiful location and all the luxury they need for a stylish and memorable wedding, there’s no reason not to spend a little time exploring on your honeymoons in St Lucia. The island offers plenty of unique sights and experiences you just can’t find anywhere else. St Lucia is renowned for its vivid natural beauty, but these three towns offer a chance to really learn about life seen through a St Lucian’s eyes!

Honeymoons in st lucia

Rodney Bay

Along the north-western coast of St Lucia, Rodney Bay is popular with couples looking to charter a yacht and sail off into the sunset on their honeymoons in St Lucia! One notable feature of Rodney Bay is the brig ‘Unicorn’ used in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Couples who fancy themselves as adventurous and swashbuckling can come aboard and enjoy a beautiful view of western St Lucia from her decks.


Another town on the western coast of St Lucia, and originally founded by the French, the town of Soufrière was the island’s first capital. Today, Castries is the capital of the island, but Soufrière is well worth visiting and home to many breathtaking buildings; the Rabot Estate and the Fond Doux Estate draw many visitors to experience their splendor. The Pitons (two giant volcanic plugs marked as a UNESCO world heritage site) and Sulphur Springs (known locally as the drive-through volcano!) are also nearby, and make a wonderful sight on honeymoons in St Lucia.

Gros Islet

While it began life as a quiet fishing village on the northern tip of St Lucia, Gros Islet has become a popular destination with honeymooning couples. Originally settled by the Carib (and possibly Arawak), a French map from 1717 provides the first identification of the area as Gros Islet. The community has had a long history of being a Roman Catholic parish, with the first priests settling in the village in 1749. It makes a wonderful place to visit on your honeymoon, and the sunsets across the sea have to be seen to be believed.

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