Cap Maison

Rock Maison & Champagne Zip Line


Rock Maison & Champagne Zip Line


Rock Maison is a private wooden deck built on a shoal below the Cliff at Cap Restaurant on the water’s edge, providing an unforgettable experience. The deck area is almost surrounded by the surging sea rolling over the coral reefs and is accessed by a wooden staircase down from the Clifftop. It’s the perfect venue to have a beautiful private romantic dinner. At Rock Maison enjoy the sunset colours dancing across the sky and as you do so we recommend that we zip- line a bottle of champagne down to you, from the Cliff above. And yes… we said zip line. The “Rock” is linked to the Cliff Bar by a zip line enabling the staff to send down bottles of ice cold champagne in a basket along with mouthwatering canapés.

We recommend you try Craig’s Seafood Dinner for two.


  • Grand sea food tower
  • Spiny lobster tail (We substitute Monster Shrimp when Lobster is out of season*), pumpkin, fennel & mango shavings, roast pumpkin seeds
  • Chocolate & island rum ganache

*Lobster Season September to March Annually


Thinking of proposing?

Champagne isn’t the only thing we can zip line down. Imagine this… as the basket filled with fresh red roses, zip lines down in the sunset to you on Rock Maison, the ring is also secured inside the basket.

As the basket arrives, you smile at her and hand her a red rose. As the St. Lucian breeze causes her hair to dance beautifully, she will giggle and blush and think “awww he’s so perfect” while she gives her rose a little sniff. At this point, you will reach into the basket and grab your precious box. With the ocean sounds and dancing colours in the sky, sir, you will take it from there!

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A facility fee of US$120 per couple plus service and VAT at 20% is applicable.

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Rock Maison

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