Cap Maison

Receptions and Parties

Receptions and Parties


Saman House

Saman House, the gorgeous private residence of the Cap Maison owners, is secluded on the edge of a cliff. Its open floor plan, wide verandas and large gardens allows a lovely flow of guest – of course with breathtaking views. Saman House is famous for hosting cocktail parties, wedding dinners and even extensive Champagne tastings. There’s also space for a dancefloor!


L’Argent Deck

The newest addition to the Cliff at Cap restaurant is L’argent deck – the perfect setting for a special occasion, whether it be with family and friends or a corporate dinner. This area is best fit for small private tables or a large private party.

This deck is as close as you can get to the sea, without getting wet! On clear evenings, even the lights from the cars can be seen from our French neighbor, Martinique.


The Cliff on the Edge

The Cliff on the Edge is a stunning secluded dining area overlooking one of St. Lucia’s National Heritage Sites – Pigeon Island. For whatever reason, business or pleasure…breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can’t escape the splashing sounds of the waves on the Cliff on the Edge. During the day – the greens and blues and the site of local fishermen capture your eyes as you relax in the shade. This area is best suit for larger tables.

Specially designed for cocktails, receptions and all manner of gatherings for business or pleasure, our Open bar packages will solve a lot of your party logistics questions. Review here…

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