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Eat Like a Local

Eat Like a Local

Authentic St Lucina Creole Cooking

Madeline is the mother of Talyer – one of our chefs at The Naked Fisherman – and Talyer learnt cooking from an early age.

Madeline from the Village of Gros Islet learnt her skills from standing beside her mother in her kitchen perfecting the art of Creole Cooking.

With an abundance of produce in her own back garden, there is lots of fresh grown fruits and vegetables and the occasional land crab!

Her specialities include:

Bouillon – A one pot dish which includes ….
Salted beef dumpling, Carrot, Christophine, potatoes and callaloo one pot

Fish Cakes and roast bakes
Saltfish and local herbs

Cow Heel Soup
Pumpkin, pasta, dasheen, green plantain, local herbs and cow heel

Creole Chicken Legs
Bay leaf, cinnamon stick, homemade browning and vegetables

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Madeline invites to you her home to enjoy a traditional creole menu filled with colour and history and share the stories of what makes St Lucia the Helen of the west.

Just wait until you taste that local creole flavour from Talyer’s Mom!

US$85 per person including round trip transfers, two course lunch/dinner including sodas and rum. Please note 24 hours’ notice is required.


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