Adventures at Sea


Discover the Caribbean Sea

Discover the other side of Saint Lucia’s incomparable beauty - on and beneath the waves. The clear azure waters that surround the island are teeming with life and present opportunities for sport, adventure and discovery.

St Lucia is home to some wonderful creatures all of which are easily found and can be observed. Most notable are Turtles, Bottle Nosed Dolphins and Whales. Most common to these waters are Pilot Whales, but there are also Sperm Whales and occasionally a Humpback to be seen. When you are out in a boat surrounded by Dolphins you will marvel at their agility and apparent affinity for being close to humans. There are specially designed Whale and Dolphin watching trips, which can be booked easily. There are also fun days out on large catamarans and it is not unusual to spot the Dolphins on these trips too.

Fishing Charters-Captain Mike's

Now when it comes to experience, Bruce Hackshaw of Capt Mike's, is the man and he hates to return without a catch! The Hackshaw boys, Bruce and his brother Andrew have been fishing since they were young boys so they know Saint Lucia's fishing grounds very well. The Trophies are there to prove it.

So, if you are professional — great — if not don’t worry, they will show you the ropes of this exhilarating sport, you couldn’t be in better hands, so come and join the masters and see what you can land!

Captain Mike’s currently holds the record for landing a 940lb Blue Marlin!

The waters around St Lucia are filled with a variety of large game fish & schools of fish, including the illusive Blue Marlin, White Marlin, magnificent Sail Fish, awe inspiring Yellowfin and Blackfin Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado (also called Mahi Mahi, or Dolfin locally), there are also King Fish and Mackerel available for your catching pleasure.

Endless Summer

Endless Summer  Cruises feature Catamaran excursions that are perfect for a family day out. These combine a sea trip with a visit to the volcano, botanical gardens, and stops at coves for snorkeling and swimming. The tours include lunch and refreshments throughout the day. It's a great way to see the island. 

Whale and Dolphin Watching

This should be a must on everyone’s adventure plan and what better place than the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Here there are many resident pods as well as migratory ones, so you stand a pretty good chance of a sighting on nearly every trip. There are 33 species of whales and dolphins and over 20 live in and visit Saint Lucian waters. The species most commonly sighted are pilot whales, sperm whales, humpbacks and false Orcas. The orca,  or killer whales as they are more commonly called are also seen here from time to time, the last encounter being September 2012, possibly on their way south for the winter months. The humpbacks and sperm whales are often spotted with calves, who spend their time playing and frolicking in our coastal waters. The adults love the warm sunny seas and they just relax, swim, play, court and mate, like any regular tourist!

Often we see pods of dolphins swimming with the whales in complete harmony. There are spinners, spotted, bottlenose and Fraser dolphins seen here. They are the oceans performers, leaping as high as 12ft into the air and spinning their way down into the depths of the ocean, only to surface again, playing in the wake of the boat and bow riding. 

 Jus' Sail

 Experience a very different kind of excursion with Jus' Sail's "Laid Back Caribbean Sailing".  Aboard the Carriacou Sloop " Good Expectation". You can opt for a 2 hour 'taster' experience, a half day or full day charter. Jus' Sail also offer romantic sunset cruises.

You can plan out and pre book any sea adventure, fishing trip or excursion here with your online concierge.

See St. Lucia from The Sea accompanied by playful dolphins, visit the Sulphur Springs, Botanical Gardens, Lunch included(buffet ) on return stop for swimming & Snorkeling.

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