The South

In the South of the island there's adventures galore both above and below the sea. Whether you are attracted by ziplining through the rain forest, gazing in awe at the mighty Pitons or Dolphin and Whale Watching, it's going to be worth a day out.


Discover St Lucia and explore our beautiful island to see why they call it “The Helen of the West”. Visit the World Heritage Site at the famous “Pitons” (the “Twin Peaks” or “Mystic Mountains”) and at the same time drop in on the World’s only drive in Volcano. At the Sulphur Springs you can bathe in the dark therapeutic hot water. It’s fabulous for the skin and blemishes will disappear, though you might smell a tad afterwards… nothing our fine amenities can’t fix. Visit the botanical gardens, the Diamond Falls or one of many other pretty waterfalls on the island. There are cocoa farms to explore and old sugar mills that will show you how the rum industry gets its raw materials. A visit to the St Lucia Rum Distillery will provide a closer look and a taste of one of St Lucia’s prized exports. You can pre book any number of excursions through the online concierge.


St Lucia is simply heaven for those who relish a little edge to their holiday. You can climb the Pitons and explore the rain forest. You can climb the highest peak of Mount Gimmie or trek through the Doree Valley, climbing the waterfalls as you go, or zip line in the forest. Any of these activities will show you first hand the wonderful flora and fauna of St Lucia. The best adventures need some planning. If this is something that appeals to you, please tell us and we’ll fix it for your arrival.


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