At Cap Maison there's lots to do. Simply chilling out on Naked Fisherman Beach, or having fun on the water or relaxing by either of the two pools or in the tropical gardens reading a holiday book, is enough for some but there's more to entertain you and to relax you.

Cap Maison I , our luxury cruiser is available exclusively for Cap Maison Guests and high on our list is Health and Well Being at Spa Maison, our fitness studio with Yoga classes and Hiking throughout the week.

At Cap Maison we make no secret of our passion for food and wine, however good food and eating well are not exclusive of each other and if keeping on a healthy diet is important we’ll look after your needs*, together with options for exercise, sports, relaxation and pure unadulterated pampering in our very own “Spa Maison”

*If you have any special dietary requirements get in touch with us here.......Special Diet

Would you like to ask us anything? We are here to help!