Airport Transfers

Please note prices are subject to change.

 Luxury Transfers by Road 


1-3 Pax

4 Pax

5 Pax

6 Pax












Vehicles used for the Luxury transfers are:

Cadillac Escalade (2008 model)

Seating Capacity : 7 /   Color : Black /   With lots of luggage space

Chevy Suburban (2007 model)

Seating Capacity : 6  /  Color: Black / With lots of luggage space

 Cold towels, bottled water and baby car seats or booster seats is also included in the luxury package.


Regular Transfers by Road 

                                     1-3 Pax          


UVF                            100.00USD      

SLU                             45.00USD       


Vehicles used for Regular Transfers are as follows:

Cadillac DTS (2008 model)

Seating Capacity : 4 / Color: Black /  with limited luggage space

Toyota  Royal Crown (2004 model)

Seating Capacity : 3 / Color Black /  with limited luggage space

Cold towels and bottled water will NOT be offered on this transfer. Car seats and boosters seats are available but at a cost of US$5.00 per seat.


Transfers via sea

Both options are available between the dock at Soufriere and Rodnay Bay Marina

Water taxi  

US$300.00 per couple one way. Includes skipper and crew member. 

Luxury 46 ft Cap Maison 1 yacht:

US$1800.00+15% taxes ,  includes: drinks, Captain and crew member. Picnic  style lunches can be arranged at an additional cost with 24 hour notice.


Helicopter transfer:

Once you have cleared immigration and customs and exited the arrival terminal, please announce your arrival at the St. Lucia Helicopters desk and an agent will then direct you accordingly. Your 10 min. US$175.00 per person one way plus the cost of the car transfer to the resort at US$55.00 for 1-3 persons (20 mins). For consideration - 1 carryon per person is allowed and you may be required to wait for other passengers to fill the helicopter . If you prefer a private helicopter transfer this can be arranged at a cost of US$990.00 each way. If you would like to reserve the helicopter please note that the helicopter company requires a credit card guarantee and only accepts Master Card or VISA. Your card will only be processed upon your arrival at the helipad, please travel with your card. Cancelation penalties apply within 24hrs of flight date. For arrival the balance of your luggage is transported to the resort via land transfer from the International Airport and will arrive after your check-in.  If you decide to book the helicopter for departure your luggage is collected as early as 8:30am at the reception lobby to be transported to the International Airport (UVF) by road ahead of your departure.   

Please note that the above helicopter cost and terms and conditions of flight is regulated by The St Lucia Helicopter Company and can change without notice.

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