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Day Trip: Explore the Pitons

Visible for miles, The Pitons (meaning “peaks” in French) are comprised of the smaller Petit Piton and larger Gros Piton. These majestic natural wonders are actually volcanic plugs, and reach up to 771 and 743 meters tall, respectively. If you’re looking for a rigorous workout or simply stunning views (or[…]

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Bid Now: 4-Night Stay Benefitting Haiti and The Bahamas

Don’t rely on Santa to get you a dream vacation for Christmas! Cap Maison is auctioning an all-inclusive, 4-night stay for 2 people in one of our luxurious Villa Suites at CharityBuzz. [button link=”″ type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Official CharityBuzz Auction Link – Bid Here[/button] Proceeds will benefit Caribbean Hotels Unite for Haiti and The[…]

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4 Places to Explore In Saint Lucia

EXPLORE IN SAINT LUCIA While Cap Maison is tucked away on the secluded northern shores of the island, it’s not far from all the fun places to explore in Saint Lucia along the west coast. Whether your trips to the south of the island to take you to Pigeon Island National Park[…]

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Cap Maison History in St. Lucia with GM Ross Stevenson

Cap Maison history all started with one family’s dream to build a vacation home for friends and family. That dream has taken shape over the last few decades to become one of the most relaxing and romantic getaways in Saint Lucia. Ross Stevenson, general manager of Cap Maison, has been around since the luxury[…]

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6 Best Ways To Enjoy the Caribbean Sun

There’s something special about how the Caribbean sun hits the sand on Smuggler’s Cove beach. The way it casts a rainbow of colors on the horizon each time it sets is something of beauty. You just can’t replicate the experience anywhere else. See our top favorite ways to escape winter blues, enjoy[…]

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